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For new Mums looking to regain their fitness, this is a 6, 10 or 12 session personal training programme to restore your core, tummy and pelvic floor, improve your posture and help with weight loss. 


Like all my personal training programmes, this is uniquely tailored for your needs and will make you feel great in your postnatal body.


For some women, it can be tempting to rush back into the same exercise routines they did before pregnancy, others dislike the way their bodies have been changed by childbirth and want to get back their pre-pregnancy figures back super-fast - but in the post-natal period it is vital to take the time to restore and strengthen your body carefully. 


Our first session includes a full body postnatal assessment where we:


  • Check for any Diastasis Recti (ab separation)

  • Assess your posture/body alignment

  • Review your birth and recovery so far

  • Discuss pelvic floor and pelvic organ prolapse issues

  • Determine any other postnatal aches and pains

With a new baby to care for, your time is precious so I come direct to your home with all necessary equipment allowing you to work out in private and at a time that suits you and your baby’s routine. 


A 6 session programme will help you restore and build the the body's foundations for further exercise by focussing on core and pelvic floor restoration work by using breathing techniques, the mobilisation of tight muscles and strengthening the ones weakened by pregnancy.

With a 10 or 12 session programme we can build on these foundations and add in more challenging strength and cardio work as you progress. This is ideal if you have more complex postnatal needs and require more support to get you where you want to be, or know that you need that extra help and motivation in the postnatal period.

I live in Teddington with my two young boys and work exclusively with women in the Richmond area so I really understand local life and what it’s like to be a new Mum who’s trying to fit everything in! By working together I will help you feel stronger and happier.


This programme is only suitable once you have had your 6/8 week GP check up or 10 weeks post Caesarian section.

I also provide Personal Training Programmes for fitness during Pregnancy, for not-so-new-Mums who are looking to get in shape and lose weight, as well as 1-2-1 personal training programmes for older women and sessions for small-groups.

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